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St Anthony's Girls School Hampstead

Our Ethos

St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Diocesan Inspection Report

Letter received from Jane Goring, Chief Inspector of Schools, Diocese of Westminster:

Dear Paul,

I am very happy to be able to send you your Diocesan report and would like to offer my congratulations to you, governors, leadership team and staff on this wonderful report!

It is so rewarding to see how St Anthony’s enriches the educational experience for our pupils, particularly through the Catholic life of the school. I was delighted to read how you help your pupils to develop compassion for those on the margins of our society, not just locally but across the world.  The rich prayer life offered to the pupils will set them on an excellent path and enable them to grow in their faith. I was also pleased to see how the pupils are empowered in the development of their religious literacy and their ability to articulate their faith in such a mature fashion. What also emerges as a real strength is your partnerships with parents and the parish and your engagement with them to ensure pupils receive the best quality of Catholic education you can offer.

As always it is the quality of leadership, the vision and inspiration of the head and his leadership team, with governors and, in your case, with Alpha Plus, that enables a school to move forward with such strength. 

The report has been published on the Diocesan website and is now ready for you to share with parents and to publish on your own website. 

With every good wish and warmest congratulations


Jane Goring

Chief Inspector of Schools

Diocese of Westminster